Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dance Video's that will motivate you - The Week in Youtube Dance

All the motivational and creative dance video's you can handle, on a weekly basis.

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 5 Auditions: D' Gemini

These two dynamo's create an innovative and original piece that gets the judges pumped in the early rounds.

Formation - Beyonce / Lia Kim Choreography

1Million Dance studio's Lia Kim takes a crack at Queen Bey's 'Formation'. A lot of hot sauce in that bag right there.

Ellen's Week in Dance

Silly yes, but Ellen slapping dancing legs onto celebrities is always worth a look. This week The Pope and Adele amongst others.

Obama's dance with 106 year old woman!

Michelle and Barack hosted 106 year old Virginia McLaurin at the white house, as she fulfilled her dream of getting down with the president and first lady.

Little Dude from Belfast

Don't sleep on this young fella from Ireland.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Week in YouTube Dance

GENER8ION + M.I.A. - The New International Sound Pt. II

Not technically a dance routine, but this music video by M.I.A. was taken from a documentary by Inigo Westmeier that looked at the struggle for three young girls at the most prestigious and tough Martial Arts academy in China.

"You Can Do It" by Ice Cube : Parris Goebel

Another big name this week as Parris Geobel from ReQuest Crew (Royal Family) and Step Up 5 goes all in at Urban Dance Camp with Ice Cube's booty anthem.

Dancetitude 2015

This showcase for Dancetitude (terrible name, but never mind) showcases everything a great promo video should be - Great chorey danced well, street location and swift editing.

ReQuest Dance Crew ft MINI ReQuest | RQ ANTHEM

Parris is back with the ReQuest crew

Unlikely Dancing Stud | Step It Up

Victory for the nerd in all of us.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Week in Youtube Dance

This week we have the return of Fik-Shun, a couple of SYTYCD newcomers and the best thing you'll see all week!

Fik-Shun + Dytto | 405 | World of Dance

Freeze frame favourite Fik-Shun returns with the on-point Dytto!

Krump Dancer - Jana "Jaja" Vankova

Jana is back for another go at getting that SYTYCD Vegas ticket and... you'll just have watch and see. I can say she gets buck.

America's Got Talent 2015 S10E04 The Squad

Watch this so you can watch the next one. These guys are tight, but then watch the next video for the definition of 'next level'.

(1st Place) Brotherhood - Body Rock 2015

There are no words.

Hebrew Break Dancer - Asaf Goren

This guy has something. Still not sure what it is, but whatever it is, he has it.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

The Week in YouTube Dance

This week sees some French fire, a 60 year old uptown funker and the beautiful boys from BigBang!

We start off strong this week with the winners of HHI France. Strong music and some really great moments make this memorable.

So United Crew - (Adulte 1ère Place) au HHI France 2015

The boys are back. BigBang take you behind the scenes for a sneak peek at their latest routine.


Like the title says, it's a dude dancing in a 100 different locations. Not matter how many times someone tries you always end up watching it.

100 Places of Dance

DM Nation going hard for the judges. Whacking so hard some wrists might need surgery after this!

DM Nation: See Female Hip-Hop Dance Crew's Cool Moves - America's Got Talent 2015

I'm not giving up my bus seat for this lady, she obviously is fitter than I am. The definition of smashed it.

60-year-old lady absolutely kills this hip-hop routine

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Week in Youtube Dance

My favourite dance clips form the week are collated here for your viewing pleasure! And if you like what you see, subscribe to the artist channels and subscribe to purefunkdance!

Cops can get down too.

B-Boy Detroit Police Officer at Movement 2015

Mum gets it.

Teaching My Mom The Latest Dance Trends

Okay, so Queen Bey may not be more #onbeat than everyone else, but that didn't stop me enjoying the week-long meme for what it was - a chance to watch B get down.

Beyonce ALWAYS ON BEAT Dance Compilation

A quick look inside the acclaimed Dance Theatre of Harlem.

Brown Ballerinas: Inside the Dance Theatre of Harlem


You know we love to get animated.

hip hop 2015_ hip hop street

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Monday, May 25, 2015

The Week in Youtube Dance

This week sees an old lady, some old friends and some new ones!

beatbox a Bruxelles

A beatboxer and an octogenarian come together through the medium of dance.

Surprise! It's the 'SYTYCD' Dancers!

We're excited for the new season of US SYTYCD, and so is Ellen! Here she invites some of her So You Think favourites, including tWitch, to remind us what we've been missing since the end of last season.

Beyonce - Drunk In Love feat Jay Z choreography by Angela Karaseva

The dancers from Dance Centre MyWay in the Ukraine are at it again, with another beautifully shot and choreographed routine to Queen B's anthem.

2 Kids Kill @MajorLazer Lean On Dance Routine

David Moore has worked with Beyonce, Miley and Kelly Rowland amongst others and works out of the renowned Millenium Dance Complex in LA.

FMD Extreme | 1st Place Upper Division | World of Dance Philippines Qualifier 2015

FMD Extreme are one of our personal favourites, and hopefully we'll get to see them live in Australia again this year! They tear this routine apart, with hard-hitting yet controlled movements that lock in together with the precision of a Swiss wristwatch.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Three Questions about Creativity with The Germein Sisters

I remember watching Adelaide's own Germein Sisters perform during the Fringe recently and thinking how much they'd improved in such a short space of time.

I'd initially taken notice of them when they released their video for 'Golden', which was filmed on their uncles farm near Minlaton on the Yorke Peninsula. I grew up in Mid North Yorke Peninsula and it was great to see it represented on screen, even if just for a few minutes. I also wondered where the inspiration for the video came from.

With hectic touring schedules, interviews and all the other work that goes into being a musician, you can't help but wonder where they find the time and energy to write songs, and great songs at that. 

On tour in Germany, Georgia Germein offered up her answers to those creativity questions.

What inspired us to become musicians?

Music has always been a big part of our lives growing up, and something fun we would do together as kids. We never expected to make music a career for ourselves, but since forming it and our early success it made sense to continue with it, and we're grateful for all the opportunities that have come because of this. Our parents certainly inspired us and encouraged us throughout our musical journey. 

What keeps us motivated?

The love we have for music certainly keeps us motivated. Although the industry can be very tough, we enjoy playing and writing so much that outweighs challenging times. We also love touring because of all the amazing places we get to visit, and the people we get to meet.

Specific thing that we do to help us get in a creative mind?

As the songwriter (Georgia), I try to make time to write almost every day. Before going on stage and performing, we warm up by singing in 3 part harmonies together which helps us get in the zone for live.

All the elements are there - Finding your passion, staying focused and working hard are always great foundations for any creative endeavour!

It's great to see the Clara, Ella and Georgia making a splash overseas, and here's hoping we see (and hear) a lot more of them in the years to come!

To find out more about the girls...
Website: http://www.germeinsisters.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2aUUiXG4FBPW4BPF37COzA
Twitter: @GermeinSisters

And buy their debut album 'Because you Breathe' at their online shop 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Week in Youtube Dance


This is pretty solid. I love Maika's flow, she has groove for days and controls every movement like a puppeteer! 

Hit her up with your supportive comments on Facebook

Les Twins 2015 || Best Dance Of The World 2015 HD

I hate to post the same artist two weeks running (I don't really), but I love this video! All you really need is a dope wall and of course dope moves. Maybe you also need an identical twin.

Hit up Les Twins at their official website

Jean-Claude Van Damme Recreates His “Kickboxer” Dance Scene

It was your favorite meme last year, so this week saw JCVD decided to recreate his famous dance scene from Kickboxer on Conan.

Dylan Byrd | Britain's Got Talent 2015 | Audition Week 5

Dylan surprised the crowd and judges with his on point cover, the boy is on fleek!

tWitch and Allison Dance Their Socks Off

Dance your socks off... it's a metaphor, but that really happened here. SYTYCD Alum's tWITCH and Allison (they're now on Ellen and DWTS respectively), whoop it up in their !

And yes, they're married now! Awwww!

CALL ME BABY - EXO Dance Cover by St.319 from Vietnam

This is a well-executed dance cover! The chorey and execution is tight, the production value is up there for a cover band and the boys certainly look the part. 

Don't forget to subscribe to the St.319 boys if you like what they do!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Week in Youtube Dance

The Week in Youtube Dance

My favourite dance clips form the week are collated here for your viewing pleasure! And if you like what you see, subscribe to the artist channels and subscribe to purefunkdance!

The Yak films kids get it with some more NaeNae before that dance rides out.

Silento "Watch Me" (Whip/Nae Nae) | YAK x TURFinc #WatchMeDanceOn

Our personal faves, Les Twins, at our friends Breakin Convention 2015

Les Twins at Breakin’ Convention Hip Hop Dance Festival 2015

Another awesome performance from the king of flow and former SYTYCD winner Fik Shun

Fik-Shun | FRONTROW | World of Dance Dallas 2015

Rare footage of little Maddie Zeigler outside of a Sia Furler video. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of her in the next few years.

Maddie Ziegler, Brynn Rumfallo and Jacyee Wilkins on Dancing With The Stars 2015

I haven't seen these guys before, but they come correct with this!

G.G.B Dance Crew - Show by Victoria Kimani (Dance Cover)

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Week in YouTube Dance

Time Machine Transports Viewers With Robotic Dance | Asia’s Got Talent Semis 3
Not the most amazing routine overall, too much acting and not enough dancing, but there is some thrilling stuff here. The moment the girls drop into a split for example.

We Are Toonz - Drop That #NaeNae | Hip-hop choreography by Ira Zaichenko
| D.side dance studio

Not a massive fan of crews jumping on fad dances, but I liked this and I'm not sure why. Either way, you spend hours, even minutes checking out the various Nae Nae clips out there.

The Production presents "The Key" ft. Marvel Superheroes

Again, not a huge fan of crews that try acting half their routine, it ends up being as funny as 99% of rap skits. That said, these guys are pretty tight.

‘Michael Jackson’ dancing protester rocks Baltimore rally

Scarlett Johansson dances provocatively on SNL

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The week in YouTube Dance

Each week I troll youtube for my favourites clips, teasers, routines and music videos.

If you thought you were in danger of not seeing an overweight boy dancing to house music, you have nothing to fear.

Ed Sheeran's I See Fire (Kygo Remix) is given the new school treatment care of the boys from Dance Centre Myway with choreography by Sasha Putilov

The dancers from Dance Centre Myway go in on Beyonce's - Ghost/Haunted, choreographed by by Miss Lee

I liked Kaelynn "Kay Kay" Harris going in to Missy's Pass that dutch at World of Dance Bay Area 2015

Who else would we finish with but the one and only Poreotics at World of Dance Bay Area 2015 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Three Questions about Creativity with Musician/Artist/Designer/ Conor Grebel

Sometimes we find it hard to describe ourselves. What are we? Dancers, writers, film-makers, visual artists? 

All of the above?

I wanted to speak to Conor Grebel a 'creative' form San Francisco, mainly because I wasn't completely sure what it was he did. Turns out he's not quite sure either! Read on and find out why that might be a great thing.

I don't know if I'd call myself a designer! I used to just be a kid that drew a lot and loved making worlds, then wanted to be an animator, then found out motion graphics was a thing...then just...got into it. I inspired myself to do these things. Along the way you see work/artists that inspire you...piece by piece. I don't even know what I am or want to be...musician? SFX artist? Animator? set builder? live stage designer? Music video director? Human? Ant? Still unsure on most of those. The most liberating thing that ever happened is when I stopped trying to discover what type of artist I was, or what direction or style was 'my calling'...and started accepting an open passion to any thought/style/project/medium that inspired me...project to project. Being open to whatever you wanna do and then doing it...even if its jumping from animating to woodworking. Do it. Freedom!

Conor is passionate about whatever he chooses to do. Being inspired is the first step, but then you have to take that passion for your craft and believe that you can add to the world in your own creative way, whatever form that may take. 

Of course it's not easy once your on that journey, and the road is destined to be littered with speed-bumps. What do you do when it feels like you've run out of ideas?

Stop struggling. Let yourself be unmotivated and stop giving yourself a hard time about it. The more you struggle with it the worse it will get. When you get a cold you don't work hard at getting rid of it, right? You cant exercise and stress out and get upset about it...otherwise you will tire out more and the cold will get worse. The best thing to do is to accept your situation, relax yourself, and take care of yourself. Same with periods of low motivation. Trust in yourself, your body, and your mind. 

Bedtimes - It's a Trick from Conor Grebel on Vimeo.

Don't forget to chill out. No-one is going to arrest you if you take a break. Get your sleep and have some down time. You'll find this is the time when the ideas start to flow. Don't force it.

That said, taking a breather might relax you about your situation, but it won't in itself give you ideas. If you're still struggling to break the shackles of your creative prison, get out and experience the world. You can do this in any number of ways.

Watch / experience other peoples work. 

Start making a habit of writing down ideas. Once you start doing this, ideas seem so much more real...and you start to expand on them.


Take a walk.

You never know where your inspiration will come from. Just get up from the computer, step away from the canvas and go interact with the world around you.

And don't forget, if you think we all have things sorted, we don't. None of us know what the heck we're doing! Just get out and do it and the rest will fall into place.

I'm still figuring out shit myself. We all are! Everybody has no clue what they are doing, they are all trying to figure it out as they go.

Like the great William Goldman once said about Hollywood, "Nobody knows anything"!

Check out all of Conor's work. He is a very talented dude, but more importantly he is very passionate and imbues his art with a quality borne of hard work and belief in his ideas.

Conor Grebel performs as Bedtimes and his great EP 'It's a Trick' can be found HERE
He contributed to Vice's Creators Project with his video for Tycho's 'See'.
Check out his Vimeo portfolio HERE
Twitter: @ConorGrebel

Check out the fantastic 'Box' below, which was a Vimeo Staff Pick in 2013

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review: Azealia Banks - Broke with Expensive Taste

Azealia Banks is 23.

It's important to remember that fact when you consider the tumultuous two year period leading up to the release of her schizoprenic and excellent debut album. 

In those two years, she has amassed a mega-hit song, several acclaimed mixtapes, won and lost a major label deal and instigated many twitter beefs. She went from unbeatable to, in her own words, "untouchable".

Whilst the twitter beefs don't look like they'll abate any time soon, there is this album, and what a gorgeous mess it is.

In an age when average-joe consumer is likely to say that all music is mainstream, lets be clear.

This is not a mainstream album, but it is a great one.

I've been listening to the album in the background most nights, not really deeply listening, and it's almost as if that's the way it should be listened to. 

One time I walked in to the lounge-room and Azealia was adopting a perfect Spanish flow like a true chica on the funkily salsified "Gimme A Chance", whilst another time I found her doing her best Annette Funicello impression on the 60's Beach Party banger "Nude Beach A Go-Go". It's not a concept you're brain easily grips on to.

It doesn't stop there. Having equal skill in both singing and rhyming allows Banks to be flexible, but it also means she's spoiled for stylistic choices. If I'm so good at all these styles, why not do them all? 

There's a Garage/2-Step track "Desperado", sampled from the fantastic early aught's MJ Cole classic and there's of course her house-influenced 2012 world-beater "212".

You can see why Interscope was baffled with how to market her.

Regardless of whether she's mainstream or not, Banks is just being herself, a product of a broad cultural upbringing. She hails from Harlem, which up until the 90's was predominantly populated by african-americans. By the time she was a teen, she might not have even noticed that her neighbourhood had become more multicultural. 

Banks would have grown up in a populus that was infused with the DNA of local Hip-Hop denizens like Tupac, Cam'ron, A$AP Rocky, Mase and P. Diddy. Added to that, she would also have felt the influence of incoming White, Hispanic and foreign-born African communities, who have increasingly made up Harlem's numbers as Manhattans property prices have risen sharply in price.

This diverse cultural background partly explains her list of collaborators, which is as varied as it it is long. Lone, Diplo, Baauer, Disclosure, MachineDrum and Hudson Mohawke are among the better-known producers who have worked with Bank$, none of whom are among the mainstream soundsmiths that we typically associate with chart-topping pop acts.

However, it's precisely this melange of differing collaborators that ensures that Expensive is as restlessly interesting and entertaining as it is.

"Chasing Time", produced by Philly producer Pop Wansel, is classic Banks. It's an uptempo dance track that allows her to flex her considerable house muscle, but also challenges her to keep pace with her rap verses. This she does with an ease that very few, if any, of her contemporaries could manage. How does this happen? How does Banks rip through a track that most pop stars wouldn't even consider? Wansel has an idea. "Most rappers are not in a space right now to be innovative or to be open to different shit. They want to chase what’s on the radio. They want a “club banger.”

Banks wants club bangers too, but she also wants 60's pop songs and Garage tunes.

This record is not for everybody, hell, I'm pretty sure it's not even meant to be for me. For the person that it is for, Banks herself, it's important.

It's shows an artist in motion, someone who has spent the last three years working out who she is, and someone who is still working that out. 

As fascinated as I am following her journey, I kinda hope she never stops searching.