Saturday, January 30, 2010

Read: Kanye was right!

I was alerted to this by the good people over at, and I have to admit I never looked at the situation this way. I know the viral meme is totally played out at this point, but in hindsight, he had a point. And before you get all defensive, I am a Taylor Swift fan, and what Kanye did was rude. Doesn't make him wrong though...

Kanye was right

Buy: Hot Chip - One life Stand

Hot Chip's new album is out now, and you are a complete fool if you do not get dressed, walk to your computer and download that cd from I-Tunes right now. It's probably their most accessible album to date, for those still uninitiated, with open lyrics and straight-forward melodies. This is a turn away from the frequently awesome experiments of their last two albums, and it's definitely the work of a band totally in control. Early contender for album of the year.

Video: Big Day Out 2010 Adelaide - Hilltop Hoods et al

With much sadness, I missed the Big Day Out this year, so I hit up Youtube to provide some solace. Hilltop Hoods have been rightfully promoted to the main stage this year, they seemed to enjoy their victory lap.

I was really miffed I didn't go because I didn't get to see one of my favourite artists, Girl Talk. Lucky I caught him last year at Laneway, so those memories eased the pain a little. He loves the crowd, and with the ever-present spectre of the copyright police standing over him, he to treat each performance like his last. Lets hope he continues to make his unique mash-ups for years to come.

Although Dizzee Rascal has moved far from his grime roots towards a more commercially viable sound, he still has one of the most unique flows in all of music. He can take what could have been a dire pop experiment (Holiday, Dance Wiv Me, Bonkers) and somehow make it work by sheer force of will. He's one of the few artists I'll cop every time they release an album.

Download: Wu-Tang Clan vs. The Beatles - Uh-Huh

A music teacher named Tom Caruana has put together a whole album of Beatles/Wu-Tang mash-ups, and whilst I'm not a massive fan of this over-saturated genre, this is a pretty impressive result. George Harrison's son actually played on the last Wu-Tang album, so this collabo isn't as strange as you might think.

Download the entire album here
Download: Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles - Uh Huh

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Video: Mariah Carey: "Up Out My Face" [ft. Nicki Minaj]

Here's Mariah's new video, featuring Young Money affiliate Nicky Minaj (who's been burning up guest verses from new orleans to new jersey).

Video: The Cool Kids, Jay Electronica: "Do It Big"

The Cool Kids and Jay Electronica are two of my favourite acts (I'm still spewing I didn't catch the Kids out here last year on tour due to knee surgery).

COOL KIDS + STALLEY + SKI BEATZ - DO IT BIG from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Info: Learn techtonik (Electrodance)

The other day we featured some footage from the Electrodance World Championships. If you are interested in exploring it further, these websites may be useful!

Video: Energy Dance Floor converts energy from dancing to power its lights!

I don't know if this qualifies as 'green', but the boffins over at Miami Science Museum have a dancefloor whose lights are powered by dancing! I know, crazy right?! I can see it now, whole city blocks powered by electrodancers. One can dream.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Video: Star Wars Stormtroopers dance & Darth Vader Hammertime

Some times the video's just save me having to say anything.

Video: Cebu Inmates Dance To Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Really Care About Us”

I hate this song, as do all but the most die-hard Jackson fans, but it is nice to see the Phillipino inmates back doing what they do best (besides committing felonies). Michael's choreographer actually travelled to the prison to teach them the steps firsthand. Bow down to the impact of Youtube.

Video: Final of Electro Dance World Championships

You think you've seen everything and then some pasty skinny white guys appear and start dancing to really fast paced techno music, and next thing you know you're in the middle of a world championship.

Anybody with a history of clubbing knows somebody who's been into this type of dancing, and it can be pretty exciting. I'm not sure that it translates to a battle type competition, but then again, who am I disagree.

(UTC)Tecktonik (TCK), also called Electro Dance, is a frenetic and quirky French street dance which is typically performed to Electro House music. It is based on a blend of techno, rave and hip-hop styles – (late '80s vogue, '90s waving and b-boying, and '70s disco). The dance style emphasizes arm movements and focuses less on leg movements. It started in the 2000s and originated from the southern suburbs of Paris, France, mainly from the Metropolis nightclubs.[1][2] It has grown in popularity with teenagers and young adults through word-of-mouth in the underground rave scene and through video sharing websites such as Dailymotion and YouTube. Fast paced techno and electro house music imported from Northern Europe is the usual choice for Tecktonik dancing.[3]

Video: prince - India's Got talent GRAND FINALE

This is from August last year,so a bit late with it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Video: Aziz Ansari - Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening

I don't usually pump stand-up as this is a dance/hip-hop/r&b site, but I couldn't let today slide without a mention of Aziz Ansari's Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening, his standup special, is finally available on CD and DVD!

Below is his description of a night with Kanye West, and it's hilarious, and he goes into even greater and funnier detail in the special. The next coming of Delirious!

video: Mini Daddy Youtube

THanks to Aziz, whose HBO special is insane (meaning insane because there's no analogy good enough for that s**t), this is some latino fat kid doing his thing. In the words of Jay-Z, what more can you say?

Download: Nas & Damian Marley - As We Enter

I'm a massive Nas fan, but for many years now I've been disappointed by his spotty albums, driven by misdirected beat choices. However, when he announced that he was partnering up with Damian Marley for a complete album I rejoiced. Finally he'll have the consistent end to end production his rhymes need. I was hoping it was going to be with DJ Premier, but after one listen to this, I'm happy for Damian to collaborate with him forever. Thanks to 2dopeboyz

Nas & Damian Marley - As We Enter

Sunday, January 24, 2010

News: Dr Dre - Detox is coming

Detox is the Chinese Democracy of the Hip Hop world, and at this point, almost ten years after the release of the seminal Chronic 2001, you could be forgiven for believing that it ain't ever coming out. But Dre has either idea's, or so he says, and seems to be waiting for the perfect beat with which to top off the record.

Click Here to read

Mixtape: Various Artists Diplo Presents: Free Gucci (Best of The Cold War Mixtapes)

Gucci Mane is atlanta rapper who has just been sent to jail. He is better known as the one of the most promising talents of 2009, with his woozy punchlines appearing on tracks with artists such as Mariah Carey and Big Boi.

Diplo is a producer who has crafted tracks over the years for MIA and Santogold amongst others, and is known for his eclectic style.

Here Diplo uses the 'Free Gucci' catchcry to launch an indie style remix tape of some of Gucci's best known work. Some works and some doesn't, but if your curious, it may be a good doorway into the rest of Gucci's catalogue.

Get it here

Video: Prestige Crew @ the NZ Hip Hop Nationals

This is a little softer and apes the american styles quite heavily, which is not what we usually see from New Zealand. I love the NZ style that is strong, original and very New Zealand. These guys, whilst performing the choreographing well (but not outstanding) and having good unison, just aren't as strong as their counterparts and a lot less original. They need to find their own style and hit it a lot harder.

Video: Britains Got Talent - Flava Group

Video: Aboriginal Anger of Skating Championship Routine

Epic fail. A couple of skaters have stirred up a bees nest by performing an aboriginal inspired routine. Whatever the intentions of the couple, it's obvious that no-one ever approached the aboriginal community about it beforehand because they would've said no.

Video: The Roboter - Unbelievable Break

Video: Viral Video Roundup - Kid sets himself on fire to dance?

So you think you can dance whilst being on fire? This kid does. Sometimes it's the only way they'll learn. So many 'Disco Inferno' jokes there, but I'll let this speak for itself.

Fat Kid Does The Fire Dance - Watch more Funny Videos

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Video: New M.I.A. Video/Song

That's right. It's been confirmed by MIA herself that is a new song off her new album, which we'll see in the american summer through Interscope.


Here's her video for the bollywood influenced 'Jimmy'. I love the song, it's from my favourite album of hers 'Kala'.

Another track off Kala, 'Boyz' (warning, may cause involuntary spasms).

Mp3: Usher - Little Freak feat. Nicky Minaj

Usher has a tidy new single out, and it looks like he's celebrating being single. His confessions seem to be a little more tawdry these days, and he enlists young money protege' Nicky Minaj for this steamy track 'Little Freak'.

thanks to for the link freak

To celebrate this track, here's some classic Usher vids, back when the boy danced better than Chris Brown.

I love U remind me because its a playful song and the video plays up to that. He should get back to doing some of this, even though he is a grown-ass man now, as the late Bernie Mac would say.

Yeah was the first time Crunk crossed over into the R&B world, and with devestating effect. It's one of 'ershers' biggest hits, and Ludacris' verse is also one to remember.

Love in this club wins more on it's outstanding beat, though Usher's insistence on having relations anywhere, including the club, is quite novel. Okay, I'm sure R Kelly has probably written a song about it too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Video: Toybox @ Boogiezone University

For more, check out boogiezones youtube channel HERE.

Video: Battle - Volkswagon Hipsters vs. Chevy Volt Dancers

Recently I posted a video of the 'Chevy Volt' dancers performing at the Detroit Auto Show, and it was badddddd... Luckily, someone was there to catch the Volkswagon hipsters do their own dance. Judge for yourself.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Video: Stupid Sports Dances - LT Style and Air Mcnabb

If there was ever a sign of a coming apocalypse, it would be the rise and rise of sports star dancing. Now, I thought it was pretty disrespectful to see Lebron James dancing during games, and I showed you the video footage to prove it. Now we have this clown, LT, who (with tongue firmly in cheek) adds a rap component to his rudimentary dance style.

Not one to let LT take all the dancing glory, Donovan Mcnabb has hit back the only way he knows how - with more dancing. Lets hope these titans of the professional battlefields realise the futility of sports star dancing and squash this beef. We will all be better off for it.

Video: So you think you can dance (Britain) - Clips from Week 1

If you didn't know, So you think you can dance has started in Great Britain. Cat Deeley is hosting (yay), and Nigel Lythgoe is back as a judge. Here's a clip from some of the couples from week one, remembering Australia SYTYCD is only weeks away from starting itself!

The level of competition is pretty high here, especially for the first round of competition. I'll be following this a bit more closely over the coming weeks and working out who my favourites are.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Video: Buono Bravo Bravo group dance video!

I love these girls. They show you exactly why Youtube is still the most awesome visual platform on the net. It doesn't take much more than your imagination. Here's the blurb...

Group dance collab with bekluvsdiru and michigopyon! Buono's Bravo Bravo dance~ Thanks for participating!
With our matching outfits and synced choreo I feel like we look like a real group ^_^

from left to right (in the first part of the dance):

Friday, January 8, 2010

Video: Top 5 Club Bangers of the year

I'm enjoying this. Here's the Top 5 Club Bangers for the year, and you know I love me some club bangers. No real surprises, but it is nice to see the future classics all grouped together for easy viewing. In New Yorrrrrrrkkkkkk.....

Video: Best/Annoying Dance Crazes of 2009

I'm leaning more towards annoying, with some of these dances being outdated even before they hit the screen. The Halle Berry, the Stanky Leg, are there any dances that haven't been thought up yet? I geuss we'll find out in 2010!