Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kanye West feat. T-Pain - Good Life

Kanye comes full circle after storming the MTV Europe awards last year like Derek Zoolander and taking the spotlight from the actual winner 'So Me', who directed Justice's 'We are your friends'.
Ever the apologist (he has a lot to apologise for), Kanye enlisted So Me for his latest clip. The resulting rainbow of colour is now here in all its glory.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Yes, it is fucking Saturday, and this is the Sunday mixtape. If you can get past that, then we can get on with another weekly round-up of kick-ass new tunes. If not, then you probably haven't read this far anyway...

Caribou - She's the one - Caribou was formerly Manitoba, the IDM/Electronica one man band who crafted romatic soundscapes and crooned about picking up phones. He's back with this new single, from the album Andorra, and it's another dreamy, ambient piece of idyllic pop that revolves around that one realisation - she is the one. And so is this.

Kanye West - Everything I am - The album is everywhere, so I shouldn't even need to advertise Kanye's Graduation. Go buy the album, if only to sink 50 Cent's career. This is a piece of minimalist Kanye, and yes, that is possible. uber-producer Jon Brion supplies the keys, DJ Premier does what he does best (scratches), and Kanye muses over that which he's not, because that's what makes him what he is.

Ryan Adams - I taught myself to grow old (LIVE) - Crumble with the lyrics, fold under the weight of the music, redeem yourself now.

Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Kiss Kiss - I've been bangin the new Yeah Yeah's EP Iris for a couple weeks now, and yeah, it rocks. It rocks like if the grand canyon was filled with cement and then jackhammered with the worlds biggest jackhammer. Karen O is a rock star, start listening to her music. Or she will kick your ass.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Common feat. Lily Allen - Drivin me wild

How hard is it to make a kick-ass video? Not very, if you use Common's new single as a template. I break it down dot-point style.

1. Show Common walking down a street in a dinner suit.

2. Put Lily Allen in a Spacesuit with sunglasses on.

3. Have Jeremy Piven wave a finger at all the fake thugs and gold-digga's.

4. Blow up Common's Car at the end.

There you have it, now go knock yourself out.