Friday, May 30, 2008

Usher - Echo

Damn! Usher seems to be everywhere, is his album even out yet? This track, which I don't even think is on Here I stand, is another stand-out club track that's up there with Dat girl right there and that other one you may have heard Love in this club.

Download: Usher - Echo

Nas - N.I.G.G.E.R. (Slave and Master)

Well, it happened. Def Jam is not letting Nas's album go out with the above word on the cover. I'm not into controversy for controversy's sake, so I'm going to leave this one and focus on the more important point - is the music any good.

Hard to say at this point. This second released track has pretty orchestral backdrop, but Nas's rich rhymes still feel too large for the instrumental. That said, when combined it still packs a punch.

Download: Nas - N.i.g.g.e.r. (slave and master)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Re-up: Burial's Untrue

Underground dubstep curator Burial quietly released his album Untrue on an unsuspecting public late last year, and created a perfect storm of critical acclaim. Just in time for Blogophiles to add him to their yearly best-of lists, Burial was touted as the next big thing in dance.

Only you couldn't find him. Unlike the superstar dj's of the mainstream dance industry (digweed, van buuren et al), Burial doesn't do shows, does not rock crowds on the twin techniques and doesn't do interviews. You can't even find pics of the guy. Which adds to the mystique that he builds with his music.

Untrue was a dirty cousin of two-step, which sprung to the over-ground in late 90's on the back of Craig David and his Artful Dodger colleagues. Where two step was clean and the vocals were clipped and crisp, Burial buried his vocal samples under dusty grooves, designed less for the club and more for the 4am walk home in the fog.

Vocals about love and love lost fall and rise in the mix, adding a sense of vulnerability. The beats too, are irresistibly inconsistent, leading you up a happy stairwell, only to push you off when you get to the top. If you like dubstep, drum and bass and have grown past two-step's poppy posturing, then Burial's Untrue is the album for you, and Archangel is the cut to keep on the loop.

Post War Years - Black Morning MP3

Post War Years are an up and coming english mob. I had never heard of them before this morning, and I'm pretty impressed. That said, I was impressed that I'd left clean underwear out for myself, so impressing me isn't all that difficult.

Can't tell you much about them, but you can find out for yourself as they have their own blog. Enjoy the track, and here's hoping they can keep it up.

Download: Post War Years - Black Morning ~ Website ~ Buy

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Last year, Wale (pronounced Wah-Lay) emerged on the hip-hop landscape, seemingly out of nowhere.
He was picked up by dj/producer Mark Ronson, made several mixtapes with Nick Catchdubs, rolled with Ronson's posse tour and guested on The Roots latest album.
One of my fave moments from last year was listening to Wale rap over Justice's poppy crossover dance hit D.A.N.C.E. Now, a whole year later, there is a video for it. Bout bloody time I say! Check it out and see what you been missing.

New Xzhibit - On my way

Hey y'all. The week has started off quietly and sombrely. I have Xzhibit's new track, which comes hot off the tragic news that his newborn child recently died. You can read X's thoughts from his Myspace blog here.

Download: Xzhibit - On my way

Monday, May 26, 2008

Kanye West - Flashing Lights Video (2nd Version)

The original Flashing Lights clip was a mysterious curio in the Kanye Video-clip canon. A leggy model in a hot car, out in the desert at night with a kidnapped Kanye in the boot. This one seems to be just an excuse for another model to stand around trying on outfits. He really has too much time on his hands, or maybe not enough?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kanye's Glow in the dark stage show: Is it coming to Oz?

Yes, I stole this from, but I haven't seen the show, and they goddamn have, so cut me some slack. If it makes you feel any better, I probably would've written something similar anyway ;)

Live: Kanye's Glow In The Dark Tour Made Us Rethink Our Lives
It must feel kind of terrible to go to Kanye's Glow In The Dark Tour and not be in awe of what he's done, not be somewhat stunned and slackjawed at the spectacle, and not feel better about humanity when you see tens of thousands of teenagers singing along to every word of an album that you, as a non-teenager, know every word to and maybe sing in the bathroom every morning. We wouldn't know that feeling because we went to the Kanye show at Madison Square Garden last night and it blew our brains out.

What these words and crappy photos can't do, and what others' words and really good photos didn't do for us, is prepare you for the scale and execution of Kanye's now familiar interstellar vision. Yes, we know the dude is obsessed with futurism, sci-fi, and shit in bright colors, but this was not about that. It was not a Japanime freakshow and Kanye did not go through a million Yamamoto-designed cosmonaut suits. He wore a grey hoodie, one sleeve chopped at the elbow to reveal his forearm control panel thing, a classy, strappy vest contraption overtop, a bright red windbreaker tied around his waist, some dark maybe gray jeans and his now-frothed over Nike Air Yeezy's. No slatted glasses. No Murakami cartoons. This was pure theater, inspired by every movie Kanye thinks is cool and the incredible engine that is his brain.

Read the rest HERE

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (video)

Melbourne's finest (and ARIA chart-toppers) Cut Copy, throw out a vid for their new single, and it finds lead singer Dan Whitford driving in the rain. Read into it what you will, because that ain't my job.

Ratatat - Mirando Mp3

Ratatat are a Brooklyn guitar band (thanks to the bloke who pointed out they're not french, my bad, I get them mixed up with Phoenix). Now before you change the channel, their tracks come off more like dance-rock, or even hip-hop. They have even released two hiop-hop remix albums, touching up classic tracks from the Notorious Big to Method Man.
'Mirando' is a stuttering instrumental from their forthcoming album LP3. This is a video, followed by some primer tracks to get you into the band.

Ratatat - Miranda
Notorious BIG - Party & Bullshit (Ratatat remix)
Ratatat - Seventeen Years

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tyson takes Japan (Crazy Isolations, popping)

Usher [ft. Jay-Z]: "Best Thing" [MP3]

Usher's about to become more ubiquitous this winter than fake fur and uggies. Following up on the success of 'Love in this club', and it's sequel, The Best Thing follows Ush 'pologising to his lady for his misdemeanours at the club and beyond. Def Jam Prez Jay-Z slides on to the track a lot easier than Umbrella, and throws a few toss away lines of love to his beau.
The Jermaine Dupri track is a solid return to form, less clubbier than the first single, and most likely a video to follow that plays on the charms so vividly captured in his early 'you remind me' clip.

Usher feat Jay-Z - Best Thing (courtesy NahRight)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Gnarls Barkley video 'Going On'

Gnarls Barkley's new album can be excused for being a little demure and down-hearted, especially in light of the recent single 'Run' and one of the very few other up-tempo tracks on their Odd Couple album 'Going On'. It's sort of like deep south meets buena vista social club, all suspenders and sweaty dancing. All I know is what I like, and I like this.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Annie - I know your girlfriend hates me (get shakes remix)

I was distinctly non-plussed the first time we heard the original "Girlfriend", and despite Annie being great in general, I haven't budged all that much. However, TheFader just put up this Get Shakes remix that has re-piqued our interest. First of all, it's a lot more fun. Second of all, it's a lot more fun. Third, it's fun. And finally, it jams. If I wasn't aware of Richard X's previous achievements, I'd recommended Anne enlist Get Shakes on her next album. (Thanks to for this remixed post)

Annie's official website
I know your girlfriend hates me (get shakes remix)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Young Chris Download "Rush"

Young Chris feat. beanie Sigel - Rush

In recent past times I considered The B.Coming by Beanie Sigel as one of my favorite rap albums. You can't really be mad at that considering it was so substantial, like, you got done listening to that thing and you were kinda exhausted. Also, it came out not that long after Camron's Purple Haze, which is the polar opposite and together they pretty much formed the best rap double album. Get at me if you want to nerd out some more about classic Rocafella jams. Anyway, here's a new Young Chris song featuring Beanie Sigel that sounds like an outtake from The B.Coming.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This song is no great shakes, but the guests on this Kanye remix-- a few of whom are on his current tour-- are something. He posted it today to his blog, which is becoming quite the go-to spot for new media.

You should have checked out Kanyes Blog already, but here's the link for those not already in the know!

Big up's to Pharrell and Chad for getting Lupe Fiasco, Kanye and The Clipse's Pusha T to get on the remix. That's rap royalty right there!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Welcome to the Pure Funk Dance Blog. The aim of this blog is just to provide you as much of the latest in dance and hip hop culture as possible. Whether that be streaming music and downloads, video's and review's of the latest dance movies and music releases, this is your one stop dance shop.

Please hit us up for any requests, I'd love to hear some feedback on what people want to see and hear.

To get us started here's tracks that are heating up the american summer, even if it's cold over here.
These are all legal downloads, so just right click and save as. Oh, and enjoy.

Kidz in the hall - Drivin down the Block feat. Clipse and Bun B (from UGK)
Santogold - Your Voice
The Long Blondes - Guilt (Pantha du Prince Remix)

And a link to a kick-ass new stream

Kleerup (feat. Lykke Li) - Until we bleed