Saturday, January 31, 2009

Video: Big Day Out Highlights

Arctic Monkeys - I caught about half of the Monkey's set (it clashed with Hot Chip), and they were as tight live as I had heard they were. They played a couple of new tracks, the first of which was a lot harder than previous tracks, which is saying something. I guess it was the Josh Homme influence. They played to the crowd with a healthy serving of songs from their debut, although the crowd seemed a little subdued, possibly due to exhausting themselves earlier in the day.

TV on the Radio - I already spoke about these guys. Their set was one to behold. They really embrace the live aesthetic, turning the set into a tent revival, with evangelist Tunde Adebimpe. And they were varied too, from 'Wolf like me's' frenzied, harried tornado to 'Staring at the sun's' hypnotic squall at the finale.

Lupe fiasco - Of all the artists of the day, Lupe seemed to exhibit the most energy of his peers. Given that's the coldest of winters back in his hometown of Chicago right now, that was surprising. Lupe and his live band threw it all down for the duration though, and the crowd was right there with him.

Triple J's Hottest 100 Wrapup

So, I'm a tad late on this one. I did listen to much of the countdown (from about 70 on in), and there weren't too many surprises. Triple J staples Kings of Leon won of course, and both they and MGMT featured twice in the top 10. Dance and Hip-Hop featured heavily this year, which was a pleasant surprise, though it shouldn't have been given some of the great music that came in 07. The Ting Ting's 'That's not name' made it to #9, which just goes to show that if you're annoying enough, you'll get stuck in people's heads when it comes time to vote.
  • #1 - Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
  • #2 - MGMT - Electric Feel
  • #3 - Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
  • #4 - Empire of the Sun - Walking On A Dream
  • #5 - MGMT - Kids
  • #6 - The Presets - Talk Like That
  • #7 - Pez - The Festival Song(feat. 360 and Hailey Cramer)
  • #8 - The Presets - This Boy's In Love
  • #9 - The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name
  • #10 - Drapht - Jimmy Recard

Friday, January 30, 2009

Download: The-Dream f. Ludacris, Fabolous, Juelz Santana & Rick Ross, "Rockin That Shit (Remix)"

It's winter over in the US, but it's summer over here in Adelaide, and it would seem that The Dream has put out a soundtrack to our summer! He's so GD generous.

Download: The-Dream f. Ludacris, Fabolous, Juelz Santana & Rick Ross, "Rockin That Shit (Remix)"

Stream: TV on the Radio - Heroes (via Kanye's blog)

One of my favourite acts at yesterdays big day out in Adelaide was TV on the Radio. Kyp Malone and Dave Sitek were going crazy on the guitars, but Tunde's impassioned vocals threw each song into the next stratosphere. The started off with a funky 'Dancing Shoes', and each and every hit, hit its mark. 'Wolf like Me' left everyone howling forever, 'DLZ' found Tunde almost bursting a blood vessel in his neck and closer 'Staring at the Sun' saw the whole band nearly combust (the temp was over 40 degress celcius, so it was a possibility).

Stream: TV on the Radio - Heroes

Lil Wayne All-Access Grammy Special Preview (with Katie Couric)

I don't know what's more weird, regular Wayne, or Wayne gettin' serious with Katie Couric in bowling alley. Actually, it's quite refreshing to see Wayne open up about a bunch of sensitive topics. So, with his Rock Album, his documentary and a probable grammy performance (of Tie My Hands, his Katrina tribute), Weezy is startin off his year on a busy note!


The Renaissance was one of my very favourite Hip Hop albums of 2008. There was a lot of pressure on Q-Tip to make this one count, as it's been a few years since his last solo outing. Deliver he did, and this cut here (which was bundled onto the tailend of 'Move' on the album) gets the royal remix treatment with some notable guests. Thanks to Kanye University.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Video: In the studio with Usher

You probably have to skip thru to 7:20 to see ya boy Usher, but you get to see a little of Jermaine Dupri's crazy producer lifestyle at the top too, so its all good. Have no idea how old this is, OnSmash were pimpin it as new, so it could be.

Oscar Nominations: Congrats to MIA

Who wouldve thunk it? First Slumdog Millionaire comes out of nowhere and starts filling seats, then the critics jump on board and call it a classic. Next thing you know it starts winning every award out there. And now, indie queen M.I.A. has her own Oscar nomination for featuring on the track "O Saya". The music was by noted indian musician A.R. Rahman and featured the great Maya Arulpragasam on vocals

Download: MIA - O Saya

Download: Ghostface and Raekwon - Criminology 09

The Ghost Deini and the Chef are together again, reprising the beat from their much vaunted 90's classic. It's pretty crazy, but not as crazy as the original, I reckon these two have mellowed with age.

Download: Ghostface and Raekwon - Criminology 09

Superstars of Dance - Season Finale Highlights

It went as fast as it came, with the Groovaloo's from the USA being the ultimate points champions. Here are some of the highlights. Hopefully the season is a little longer next time.

The Great Robert Muraine in the solo category

Team USA takes the gold

The Duet category

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Download: Theophilus London - Crazy Cousins (via TheFader)

This young man here is Theophilus London, and according to the Fader, he is a Brooklyn rapper/singer who released a notable mixtape (and not just for the spiffy album cover). He covers a fairly broad area in terms of genre's, pretty much he'll freestyle over anything it seems. Here's a taste.

Download: Theophilus London - This Charming Mixtape

Myspace: Theophilus

Video: Cool Kids - Pennies

Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks are back in the premiere video for the first single off their new lp. The old school sounds are still in place, the bass is extra heavy, even for the kids. Turn it up!

Clip here via PitchforkTV

Download: Lil Wayne Tracks!

I don't have to tell you Lil Wayne is everywhere like a milli-onaire, but enough is enough. Dude is putting out like 20 records a day. I'm looking forward to his documentary, which follows him around during the recording of 'The Carter 3', I would've love to see how he constructs his schedule.

Download: Lil Wayne feat. Drake - Unstoppable

Download: Lil Wayne - Prom Queen (from his upcoming 'rock' album)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Video: Jay-Z & Young Jeezy - My President is Black (HD New Angle)

Video: Red the Homeless G-Funk Beatboxer

TheFader have found the gentleman below. He goes by the name of Red and was found beatboxing/singing behind a gallery last year. As it goes, his sound is utterly unique and has been parlayed into him releasing a single in February. He previews the song 'Ghost ride the hips' below.

The Obama inauguration dance - At last!

Bit late on this one! How can we be a site about dance, and not have the US president doing his thing with the first lady.

Video: Joaquin Phoenix Rapping

After star turns in movies such as Walk the Line and Gladiator, you would think the obvious next move for Joaquin would be to capitalize on this fame and start making action movies. But no, our man has taken the road with has so often led to failure for many of his peers, that is , rapping. Look what happened to Mr. T, stay off the mic and stay in school, there's a lesson for you kids out there.

Video: Evolution of Dance 2

download: Rich Boy ft. Kardinal Offishall - Drop (Remix)

download: Rich Boy ft. Kardinal Offishall - Drop (Remix)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Video: Ryan Leslie - How it was supposed to be

Ryan Leslie is a machine. Here is a video (there's been a few) for his recent hit 'How it was supposed to be'. At 7 minutes plus its a stretch, but it's worth it. Peep the accapella 'Diamond Girl' harmonies at the start of the clip too!

How It Was Supposed To Be (Military Version) from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Kanye West performs at the Inauguration Ball

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Big Day Out Preview: Hot Chip cover Joy Division's Transmission

Having been the subject of not one, but two excellent doco's last year (Control and Joy Division), the band Joy Division has enjoyed a critical renaissance of late (did they ever not?). Now, they feature on a covers album, which can be a dodgy proposition at the best of times. This one is a little different however, where a veteran artist selects who they would like to see cover one of their songs. It makes for some entertaining choices and some great songs, like this one.

Download: Hot Chip - Transmission (Joy Division cover)

GrandMaster Flash to support Pharrell and NERD on Australian Tour

That's right, the venerable GrandMaster Flash, is coming back to Australia with the NERD boys, to do a couple of support slots. Check all these guys out if you can. I saw Flash in 04, and he kicked off the show with AC/DC's 'Back in Black, a tilt of the hat to the Aussie crowd and a righteous start to a great gig.

Tour dates and venues are:

Wed Mar 4 – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Thu Mar 5 – Hisense Arena, Melbourne

Grand Master Flash - The Struggling Years from Timothy Webster on Vimeo.

Video: Ryan Leslie - I know what you like

Do you know why you don't see any footage of producers making music in the studio? Because they can't do it like this man can! Ryan Leslie is Uber-talented, and this is one of many clips you can find on youtube that will show you why. It's cool that he can play all the instruments, but then the music is freakin' awesome too, the man has a golden ear!

I Know What You Like! from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Download: Young Jeezy feat. Jay-Z - My President is Black Remix

After the premiere of the remix live from LOVE nightclub a couple of nights ago in Washington DC, the track is here, and what do you know, just in time for Inauguration day!

my president is black remix - young jeezy ft jay-z & nas

Download: Young Jeezy feat. Jay-Z - My President is Black Remix

John Legend TV Vlogging at the Obama Inauguration

We know John Legend is a sweet soul singer, who loves the ladies and pals around with cool dudes like Andre 3000 and Kanye West, but how about 'John Legend - Political Correspondent'. Not quite as sexy, but Legend does make a good job of holding court at the Obama Inauguration (I'll stop posting about it tomorrow!). Here he is 'kicking it' with Al Gore.

LINK: JohnLegendTV

Download: Adam Freeland VS Daft Punk - Aer Obama

Herre's a better stream of the video celebrating Obama's inauguration, from the production team GOLD. Heck, I'll let them tell it. And now there's a free MP3 too!

"The following is a mixed-media stop motion music video and celebration commemorating the election and inauguration of Barack Obama as the forty-fourth president of these United States. Audibly showcasing Adam Freeland's remix of Daft Punk's "Aerodynamic" and the imaginative stylings of forward thinking toy artists Dalek, Bill McMullen and Kubrick to name just a few. Independently animated and directed by the progressive minds of the directing team GOLD, the piece is a labor of love that invites everyone to join in or create their own celebration this coming Tuesday January the 20th."

Download: Adam Freeland s Daft Punk - Aer Obama (Aerodynamic remix)

Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland - "Aer OBAMA" from Gold Greendot on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Video: Jay-Z & Young Jeezy - My President is Black

Hey George Bush, that shit just happened! Welcome Mr Obama, here's Hova and Jeezy recorded last night celebrating the inauguration.

Jay-Z My President is black Remix LIVE 1-18-09 from pleasedontstare on Vimeo.

Superstars of Dance - Week 4 highlights

Here's a bit of popping and locking from the one and only Robert Muraine, who ya may remember from his time at SYTYCD (he didn't make it through auditions but was invited back to perform anyway).

Download: Eminem Feat Lil Wayne & Freeway - They Ain’t Messin Wit Me

Download: Eminem Feat Lil Wayne & Freeway - They Ain’t Messin Wit Me (Link)

Download: Rihanna - How I like it

Rihanna has been on a unstoppable run the last couple of years. Jay-Z has steered his protege' in all the right directions so far, and things don't seem like slowing down in '09.

Download: Rihanna - How I like it

Download: Peter Bjorn and John: "Lay It Down (The Golden Filter Remix)"

Pitchfork have posted a remix of one of the two new (and awesome) sounding Peter Bjorn and John tracks. They're both quite different to Young Folks, but forget the past, this is good. This is a remix by Golden Filter, who I know very little about, other than they're from New Yawk!

Download: Peter Bjorn and John: "Lay It Down (The Golden Filter Remix)"

Friday, January 16, 2009

Daft Punk + Adam Freeland + Obama - Aerodynamic

Adam Freeland remixes Daft Punks AeroDynamic, and the song gets the awesome video treatment it deserves, featuring president of the moment Barack Obama (step aside Putin, Sarkozy).

Video: Young Jeezy feat. Nas - My President

Jeezy said it. His president is black, his lambo is blue, and damn if his rims ain't too. I knew the first was true, and now thanks to the video below, we know the man was telling the truth about the rest. Now the question is, did he have the Blue Lambo before the song, or after. My guess is before.

Video Here.

Video: Q-Tip - Manwomanboogie

Look, Q-Tip is old school, we know that. He is also a genius in his field, and genius's are timeless. As is cool, which Tip has in spades. This track from his deliciously swagerific album from last year The Renaissance was one of the standouts, and so, thankfully, is the video.

America's Best Dance Crew

Here is some of the latest footage from this show (you can watch the full episodes online at NBC). Would apologize for the quality of the footage, but it's youtube, so suck eggs! But seriously, there's some tight chorey here, even if it'S borderline High School Musical type pop routines. I'm not hating, it's just not my thing!

Download: fabolous feat. The Game - Where you from

Kanye's blog put on to this heater from F-A-B-O, who was inconspicuous last year, save his awesome boast-filled mixtape 'There is no competition'. He should have a major label record out again this year, so there's something to look forward to already!

Download: fabolous feat. The Game - Where you from

Download: Metronomy, "A Thing For Me (Sinden Remix)"

The Fader delivers a remix of Metronomy's 'A thing for me', which is sweet justice after Kris Menace remixed Metronomy's 'Heartbreaker' last year to devestating effect (thanx to the kind soul that it wasn't Metronomy doing the remixing). Do unto others I say!

Download: Metronomy, "A Thing For Me (Sinden Remix)"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Video: Kanye, Consequence and Q-Tip have fun in the studio

Download: The-Dream feat. Mariah Carey - My Love

The Dream is completely underrated down under, and he doesn't yet receive enough love in the states either. Hopefully this little ditty corrects that mistake, cause boy is mad talented! Though nowhere near as good as the other song with this title (sung by someone with intitals J & T), it's still a sigh and look out the window at the clouds type track that you and your boo can swoon to.

Download: The-Dream feat. Mariah Carey - My Love

DJ Shadow has his own Sneaker!

We're used to Rappers and Sports Stars getting their own signature shoe, but not instrumental DJ's like DJ Shadow. But that's exactly what has transpired. Reebok have given the turntable superhero his own sneaker as a tribute to his knob-twiddling, vinyl pushing abilities.

Run Dmc named to Rock 'N' Roll Music Hall of Fame

The venerable veteran's of Run DMC have been nominated into the Rock's Hall of Halls! I don't care much for award ceremonys and the like, but it's great to see some of rap's founding fathers getting their due.

Here's what Pitchfork had to say:
Run-DMC and Metallica are probably the two most interesting inclusions in this year's list of Hall of Fame inductees. Run-DMC is the second rap group in the Hall, following Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five a couple of years ago, and Metallica is one of the Hall's first metal bands-- the exact number depending on how exactly you choose to define "metal." This year's class also includes baby-boomer guitar hero Jeff Beck, soul great Bobby Womack, doo-wop group Little Anthony and the Imperials, and early rockabilly star Wanda Jackson. There's also a sideman category, and this year Elvis bassist Bill Black and drummer D.J. Fontana and longtime session pianist Dewey Lyndon "Spooner" Oldham get the nod.

Download: Miike Snow - Animal (Crookers Remix)

Crookers are an Italian duo who make incredible remixes, and Miike Snow is... actually I don't know who the hell he is, but the Crookers remixed his song, so now he is somebody. He should be grateful, he should send Crookers some chocolates.

Download: Miike Snow - Animal (Crookers Remix)

Video: Christina Milian - Us against the World

Video: Superstars of Dance - Week 2

Look, I'm still not sold on the show. Yeah, the dancing is pretty awesome, but how are you supposed to rate each team when the styles of dance are so diverse! I'm trying just to block out the judging now and focus on the great routines. Just have to remind myself that it's not every day that awesomeness of this kind is seen in one compacted television show.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Heat Vision and Jack - Failed Ben stiller pilot

Had to put this in. Someone mentioned it the other day and I found it again on youtube. It's a ridiculous pilot that stars Jack Black with the voice of Owen Wilson as his motorcycle. How did this not get picked up?? Btw, it's meant to be that corny.

Hypem's 2008 Zeitgeist!

Hypem have put down the last of their tracks in their 2008 best-of list. What is different with this list? It was decided by You, the bloggers, yay! Some cool and interesting choices floated through the list to be sure, and here's a few morsels you can enjoy.

Robyn - Cobrastyle (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Sia - Buttons (CSS Remix)

Download: Lil Wayne f. Pharrell, "Yes"

Lil Wayne has a couple new track leaked and poster on THEFADER.COM. Some high profile collabs here, with some top notch production also. Wayne is on this super streak at the moment, and only shall decide when his reign is over. I'm guessing.

Download: Lil Wayne f. Pharrell, "Yes"

Download: Lil Wayne f. Swizz Beatz, "Up In The Club"

Download: Three Six Mafia - Shuv It

Three Six Mafia's last album was a major disappoint to those had geeked out to earlier hits like 'Stay Fly', but these gets them back in my good graces for a minute. Sampling coming-out queen Santogold (who was also sampled on Jay-Z ripper new track Brooklyn go Hard), they smother the track in reverb and do there pimp talk that they do so well.

Download: Three Six Mafia - Shuv It

Stephen Colbert's Hip Hop Moments

If you are a fan of Comedy Central, chances are you are a fan of Stephen Colbert's brand of humour. It comes to the fore when he sinks his teeth into the Hip Hop Generation. has alerted us to these Classic Colbert (pronounced Colbear) Hip Hop Moments.

Colbert Hip Hop Moments

Download: Young Chris ft. Wale “Searching”

This started as a post about Young Chris, another up and coming rapper, but it turned into another Wale post. Why? Possibly because of the photo of Wale with Jerry Seinfeld, which gives me another excuse to boost Wale's great mixtape from last year 'The Mixtape about Nothing', which was a thematic homage to the Seinfeld show (including a phone cameo from Elaine!). One particular song off the album stood out amongst the rest, 'The Kramer' a dense lyrical track about self-hatred and racism, using Michael 'Kramer' Richards infamous N-Word routine that was heard around the world, as a backdrop. Listen to 'the Kramer' here.

Download: Young Chris ft. Wale “Searching”

Download: Wale - Nike Boots

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Download: Kanye West, DJ Benzi & Plain Pat present Sky High - The official Version

Early december there was supposed to a official remix album released as a prelude to 808's and Heartbreaks. It has finally arrived, in high quality, free as all get-out glory. Enjoy!

Download: Kanye West, DJ Benzi & Plain Pat present Sky High - The official Version

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Download: Nore - NY Groove

The Fader have put us on to Nore's new single. Nore is rap veteran who came out in the 90's in a group called CNN. He found chart fame when he teamed up with the then new production team The Neptunes and 'Superthug' was born. He been on the low for a while now, but is back with a KISS-sampling tune that I know you're gonna love.

Download: Nore - NY Groove

I Guess I'm Floating Best Hip-Hop Albums 2008

One of my favourite sites for a few years now has been I guess I'm Floating, and they've decided to post their favourite Hip Hop Albums of the year. I don't really post end of year lists, as there are tons and tons and tons already out there, but I feeling like doing them a solid. Have fun!

I Guess I'm Floating Best Hip-Hop Albums 2008

Who doesn't love Kid Sister?

I've been waiting for Kid Sister's Dream date to drop for a minute now, and i'm still waiting. Till then I'll get by listening to Pro Nails over and over and reading articles like this from Pitchfork.

Interview: Kid Sister with Pitchfork

Video: Kid Sister (with Kanye) - Pro Nails (from Pitchfork.TV)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Download: Peter, Bjorn & John - Nothing to Worry About

Kanye's blog has come up trumps again! Apparently PB&J sent this track straight to Mr West, now that he's all buddy buddies with the Swedish wonder trio. Either way it means more beautiful music across the airwaves! Enjoy!

Download: Peter, Bjorn & John - Nothing to Worry About

Video: Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit: Kamphopo

Another one from the Fader, this is a video for Esau Mwamwaya's great track Kamphopo, which is taken from one of the best albums of 08, The Very Best featuring Radioclit. It's actually a mixtape, but you wouldn't know the difference. Esau takes his african roots and his unique style and applies them a number of hot indie instrumentals to amazing effect. From Vampire Weekend to MIA, Esau definitely has a great taste in music.

Download: Eminem [ft. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent]: Crack a Bottle

Onsmash have a new track from Eminem! And it features Dr. Dre! and 50 Cent! I'm exhausted. It's not bad, but it's no I Get Money.

Download: Eminem [ft. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent]: Crack a Bottle

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Download: Skillz and his 2008 Rap-up

Can't believe I nearly missed this! Skillz is a Virginia rapper who's been poppin and the fringes of hip-hop fame for over a decade. Each year he raps about the popular news stories of the year. Oh yeah, and it's pretty funny too.

Download: Skillz - Rap-Up 2008

Stream: Ciara feat. Young Jeezy - Never Ever

Ciara is back, coming in early on in 09 with Never Ever.

Watch the First Episode of Superstars of Dance

Over the last few days we've been previewing the new dance show from Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe and now you can check out the first episode at the following address.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Garry Stewart, ADT and the Superstars of Dance

These two Articles have just popped up in the Adelaide Advertiser (represent!) and , and it's great to see that Garry Stewart and ADT crew are doing so well. Pure Funk have worked with the ADT in past and been amazingly impressed by the job Garry does with his talented stable of dancers. Can't wait to check it out!

THEY have only just returned from a starring Hollywood role, but there's no slowing down for Garry Stewart and the Adelaide-based Australian Dance Theatre.

The company has just taken part in Superstar Dancers Of The World, a primetime dance series for NBC which airs next week in the US.

But they'll be back in rehearsals in the Adelaide ADT studios tomorrow for the opening night of the Sydney Festival, for which the city's CBD will be tranformed into an epic outdoor celebration of music and dance.

ADT will perform in Martin Place alongside Bangarra and Sydney Dance Company as part of the "movers and shakers" – showcasing the best of the best of Australian dance.

Another major highlight of the festival will be delivered by ADT creative director Garry. As one of Australia's leading choreographers, festival director Nigel Jamieson asked Garry to create a specially choreographed dance performance for the opening event, Festival First Night.

Just after sunset on January 10, all 10 open-air stages across the CBD will stop and an anticipated 250,000 people will perform Garry's dance, The Sydney, simultaneously, transforming the CBD into possibly the world's largest dance floor.

The dance will apparently be set to a collection of dance music from the Balkans.

FROM choreographing a performance to move a large audience to getting a large audience to move . . . Garry Stewart is Australia's lord of the dance.

Australian Dance Theatre's artistic director and the man behind Sydney Festival's communal dance, The Sydney, Stewart has just returned from showcasing some of the country's best dancers in a US reality TV show which will be beamed to millions.

Called Superstars Of Dance, the show has been dubbed by some as "the Dance Olympics". It pits dancers from eight countries: Ireland, India, the US, Argentina, China, Russia, South Africa and Australia against each other.

While he is sworn to secrecy on the results of the show until it airs, Stewart praised the Australian dancers, who "did an exceptional job and matched the quality of everything else there".

For Stewart it's a case of going from one extreme to the other, as he will now watch The Sydney, executed by about 250,000 Sydneysiders, as part of Festival First Night on January 10.

Download: Double Ghostface! has some Ghostface Killah tracks from a comp of Ghost's greatest hits. They recommend picking it up and I shall be doing just that this very afternoon! Ghost has proven to be the most consistently superb member of the Wu-Tang Clan, and every album is always followed by the type of critical acclaim that most artists are lucky to see once in their lifetime. Enjoy these nuggets and check out the album.

Ghostface Killah-Run (Remix) (Feat Jadakiss, Lil' Wayne, Raekwon And Freeway)

Ghostface Killah-Back Like That (remix)(Feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo)

Superstars of Dance - Australian Duo in Close-up

Profiles taken from

The guy and girl who form the duo component of the Australian contingent for the Superstars of Dance Comp are Giselle Peacock and Henry Byalikov. I thought you might want to know a little bit of background on them, leading into the comp.


Giselle has been dancing since the age of 10 and has devoted her life to competing in International Latin Dancing. Achieveing great results in many Championships including 4 times US Champion, 2 times World representative, 2nd in Under 21 at the Blackpool Championships in England.She also studies and trains in other styles of dance including Hip Hop, Jazz, and Modern Dancing.Giselle still actively competes, coaches and performs all over the world, and has appeared in television shows including Secret World of Ballroom Dancing and So You Think You Can Dance. Giselle has been touring with Burn the Floor for 2 years.


Henry Byalikov's passion for performing arts was clear from the age of nine, when he commenced his dance career, specialising in the technical style of individual and coupled Ballroom.
His pursuit of dance was rewarded with titles such as the New South Wales Open Champion as well as international and national finalist and semi-finalist in the World Championships.
Over the last few years, Henry has crossed over from Ballroom dancing to a number of other genres, as seen by his appearances on Strictly Dancing and So You Think You Can Dance in Australia. His latest appearance was on Dancing With The Stars.
Trained in a number of styles, including animation hip hop, Henry has just joined Burn The Floor.

Download: Hot Chip - Hold On (D.I.M. Remix)

Nashville Nights found this gem of a track from Hot Chip, apparently it popped up in live set from Digitalism.

Download: Hot Chip - Hold On (D.I.M. Remix)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Top Ten Hip Hop Video's of 2008

Going vid crazy today! SouthSide50Videoz has put up their top 10 Hip Hop video's for 2008, making it a little easier to find our favourite jams of last year. I was a little partial to Common's summertime smash Universal Mind Control myself.

Video: T-Pain feat Chris Brown - Freeze

Fresh for 09! Here's T-Pain with the baby-faced maestro Chris Brown trying to do for Pain's track what they did for Brown's 'Kiss Kiss'.

Learn to Leap - Dance Lesson

Just for Kix is an online learning program (yah, you have to pay), and they have some pretty good stuff on there. Here's their latest promo.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Download: Best of 2008 Mixtape - Terry Urban and Mick Boogie

Two of the hottest mixtape dj's on the circuit do a roundup of some of the hottest tracks of the year. There is some good stuff on here, peep the tracklist:

Intro (6th Sense)
So Fly (Slim f Biggie - Mick Boogie Mix)
Announcement (Common f Biggie - Mick Boogie Mix)
I Luv Your Girl (Dream f Jay-Z MB/TU Mix)
Paper Planes (MIA - Terry Urban Mix)
Swagger Like Us (Jay-Z - Mick Boogie Transition)
Jockin My Wonderwalls (Jay-Z & Oasis)
Diamond Girl (Ryan Leslie f Kanye West - Mick Boogie Mix)
Paris Tokyo (Lupe Fiasco f CL Smooth - Mick Boogie Mix)
Girls Around (Lloyd f Rakim - MB/TU Mix)
Drivin Down The Block (Kidz In The Hall f/ El-P)
Gettin Up (Q-Tip)
Milli (Lil Wayne - Wonder/Excel Mix)
Love Lockdown (Kanye West f LMFAO)
Falsetto (Dream - Terry Urban Mix)
Day N Night (Kid Cudi f Jay-Z - Terry Urban Mix)
Lollirock (Lil Wayne & Kanye West - Kickdrums Remix)
Dangerous (Kardinal f Akon)
The Boss (Rick Ross f Lil Wayne - Mick Boogie Mix)
Out Here Grindin (Khaled)
My President (Young Jeezy f Nas)
Black President (Nas f Young Jeezy)
American Boy (Estelle f Jay-Z and NERD - Terry Urban Mix)
Everyone Knows (NERD - Sammy Bananas Remix)
Dont Touch Me Remix (Busta Rhymes f Nas)
Magic (Robin Thicke f Jay-Z - Mick Boogie Mix)
The Light 08 (Common)
How We Rock (Termanology f Bun B)
Rising Down (The Roots f Mos Def & Styles)
Viagra (88 Keys and Kanye West)
Midnight 08 (Q-Tip)
Go All Out (9th Wonder and Buckshot)

Download: Best of 2008 Mixtape - Terry Urban and Mick Boogie

Download: Boyz Noize - Shine Shine Remix, Kanye West - Sly P

A couple of new/nearly new tracks to start off the year. The always ear-shattering Boyz Noize and an unreleased and un-autotuned Kanye West. Shalom.

Download: Boys Noize - Shine Shine (Shadow Dancer remix)

Download: Payback" (unreleased) - Kanye West ft. Timmy G, Sly Poloroid (via