Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stream: Grimes f. Deniro Farrar, “Genesis” (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Grimes is a fantastic electro-pop artist from Montreal, although you won't find her making chart-topping dance tracks with Guetta or Stargate.  You're more likely to find her child-like voice floating over soaring New Wave synth lines and harsh robotic drums, the juxtaposed sounds evoking a spare, futuristic soundscape.

Here though, the sparseness is replaced by a the lush instrumentals of Ryan Hemsworth and his frequent collaborator Deniro Farrar, a North Carolina rapper.  

The result is a dense ornamental piece, pierced through by the project-laden poetry and smoked-out vocals of Farrar.  Grime's vocals are layered off in the background, giving the song airy, angelic hope alongside Farrar's depressingly accurate lyrics.

Deniro Farrar's latest album is available for FREE DOWNLOAD HERE

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