Saturday, July 12, 2008

Download: Pharcyde - Passin me by (Hot Chip Remix)

The geniuses down at Delicious Vinyl decided to get their back catalogue remixed. Uh yeah, who the hell is delicious vinyl. Well, they were home to such 90's staples as Tone Loc and Young MC, who had big hits with Wild Thing and Bust a Move respectively..

They've been able to assemble quite an impressive list of participants to flex their muscles on this double cd entitled remixology including Diplo, Peasches and Hot Chip. Hot Chip have decided to take on a track that is dear to not only my heart, but to the hearts of many in the hip-hop community, and to their credit, have done it justice. They've fleshed out the sound, making the song even more disparate than it was upon release in the Pharcyde's 90's heyday. Thanks to

Download: Pharcyde - Passin' me by (Hot Chip Remix)

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