Saturday, July 5, 2008

d.j.bobz' Top Ten Albums of 2008... so far

I know what you're saying. Mid year 'best of' lists go against the social coda, it's uncool and there's really no need for it. Why can't he hang out till the end of the year and purge then? I agree they are all valid points. The problem I have, is that by the end of the year I've forgotten what I was listening to at the start of the year, and then you topload you best of list with albums that were released in the second half of the year. I ain't letting that happen again.

So, I'm doing this for me.

1. The Hold-Steady: Stay Positive - As descriptive and chaotic as their earlier releases, with a sound that encompasses more of the musical spectrum, America's best bar band comes up with another triumph that delivers lyrically and musically, and show's a group that knows exactly where they are.
Magazines - The Hold Steady
2. Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours - This thing just sounds glorious. A throwback to new wave bands of the 80's, it's layers of production and instrumentation give the sound an atmosphere that is rarely heard. Even the squall, which is being compared to My Bloody Valentine, is harmonious and inviting. And while the lyrics won't win any pulitzer's, they capture the intention of the music, adding to the final ghostly product.
Lights And Music - Cut Copy
3. Lil Wayne: Carter 3 - With Nas and The Game yet to release their album's, and Snoop snoozing through his, this year has been left for Lil Wayne to reap the benefit, and breathe life back into wack MC's. The album is not surprisingly sprawling (Wayne isn't the most focussed dude), but this fact adds to the entertainment. From rapping about being a martian, a doctor, flirting with cops and telling us what it's like to be a millie-an-air, Wayne win and they lose.
Lollipop - Lil wayne Feat Untitled
4. Girl Talk: Feed the Animals - The Mash-up king takes even more from pop culture, from the cringe-worthy to the creative and slaps them together in the edit-fest to end all. Sometimes it doesn't hit, but given the fact that the tracks change up every 30 seconds, you'll have forgetton the missteps very soon. If you've ever imagined what Jay-Z and Radiohead would sound like together, now's you chance.
Set It Off - Girl Talk
5. Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago - Soft and slight, it lifts and pulls, it's trevails put across to you in such a beautiful way that you forget to be sad. About as much as you can get out of a softly strummed acoustic guitar.
Creature Fear - Bon Iver
6. Hercules and Love Affair: Self-titled - Another DFA produced dance classic (they produced Cut Copy too), and another throwback to an earlier time. Taking disco throbs and chucking Antony's high-pitched wail atop them was a stroke of genius.
Blind (Radio Edit) - Hercules And Love Affair
7. Nick Cave and the bad seeds: Dig, Lazurus Dig! - Another spectacular outing from the man who may soon have a statue of himself riding a horse, in his hometown of Warracknabeal in Australia.

8. Santogold: Santogold - Sandi White has graduated from ghostwriting to star with flying colours. A great mix of dance, pop and rock.
Your Voice - Santogold
9. Vampire Weekend: Self-titled - Don't think I forgot about these guys, I'm one of the few that does give a f**k about an Oxford Camera. They bopped their way from their East Coast colleges and into our hearts.
Walcott - Vampire Weekend
10. Bun B: 2 Trill - Did I say that Lil Wayne had the only good hip hop album this year. I lied.

My Block - Bun B
If you like what you hear, chase up these cd's and do yourself a favour.

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