Monday, June 23, 2008

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals (Fresh Look)

So, i've had a few days to let the album marinate in my head. I heard it twice whilst getting ready to go out Saturday night (with Miss Pure Funk poking her head in every now and then to tell me 'I love that song'). I've also listened to it on the way home from work (about as sobering as you can get).

What I can say, is that whilst the initial joy of listening to oft-heard favourites mash-up with underrated classics wet my whistle significantly, the ecstacy wore off a little when I listened back today. That said, I was listening through my ipod and not my home stereo, so perhaps I'm an idiot.

Honestly, it's a great album. The attention to detail is the biggest noticeable difference from NightRipper. There is literally something for everybody here. Do you like Jay-Z? How about Radiohead? How about both of them together? If this is you, get this album.

I was suitably impressed, and rest assured this will be soundtracking my Saturday nights for a few weeks to come.

Download: Girl Talk - Play your Part pt.1
Buy It: Illegal Art Website

* Remember, it's pay as you please, so live dangerously and name your price.

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