Friday, June 20, 2008

Girl Talk - 'Feed the Animals' Album, Pay what you please!

Yes, here it is, the mash-up monster mix of the year, though Gillis would probably hit me for infantilising his style that way. Anyway, If you go to the Illegal Art Website now, you can download Greg Gillis's new album in all its 320kbps glory!

To fill in, Gillis aka Girl Talk, uses dozens of samples to make up complete songs. He uses everything from rap to pop to dance to reggae, sometimes all in the same song.

I have just purchased it, I will not disclose the amount but suffice to say I did pay for it. If it is anything like his last album 'NightRipper', it could be one of the albums of the year. Here's a track off the album that I flogged from the dudes at Pitchfork.

DOWNLOAD: Girl Talk - Set it off

Set It Off - Girl Talk

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