Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Re-up: Burial's Untrue

Underground dubstep curator Burial quietly released his album Untrue on an unsuspecting public late last year, and created a perfect storm of critical acclaim. Just in time for Blogophiles to add him to their yearly best-of lists, Burial was touted as the next big thing in dance.

Only you couldn't find him. Unlike the superstar dj's of the mainstream dance industry (digweed, van buuren et al), Burial doesn't do shows, does not rock crowds on the twin techniques and doesn't do interviews. You can't even find pics of the guy. Which adds to the mystique that he builds with his music.

Untrue was a dirty cousin of two-step, which sprung to the over-ground in late 90's on the back of Craig David and his Artful Dodger colleagues. Where two step was clean and the vocals were clipped and crisp, Burial buried his vocal samples under dusty grooves, designed less for the club and more for the 4am walk home in the fog.

Vocals about love and love lost fall and rise in the mix, adding a sense of vulnerability. The beats too, are irresistibly inconsistent, leading you up a happy stairwell, only to push you off when you get to the top. If you like dubstep, drum and bass and have grown past two-step's poppy posturing, then Burial's Untrue is the album for you, and Archangel is the cut to keep on the loop.

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